Pattern Index

This page will be used to organize the patterns I post. This will be done manually, so there may be some delay.

Sewing Patterns

  • Tote bag: a very simple pattern/recipe, measurements and stitching instructions given
  • Flared jeans: use quarter flats to add color and flare to jeans
  • Scrunchies: use scrap fabric and hair elastics to make colorful scrunchies
  • Wallet: simple card fold and coin pocket wallet for leather or vinyl
  • Easy halter top: shirt made of quarter flats, with strap options
  • Bargello quilt: a mini-quilt pattern in the Bargello style, plus bargello-design code

Tatting Patterns

Crochet Patterns

  • Tunisian-sole granny_slippers (PDF): written pattern including a tutorial for crochet magic loop and Tunisian simple stitch; a loafer-style slipper with a decorative top and comfy sole; see also here
  • Bluebirds market bag (PDF): the first pattern I wrote for Ravelry, and not something I’ve mentioned in the blog thus far; a tote bag in filet crochet
  • Round potholders: written pattern for a two-color, two-layer cotton potholder
  • Honeycomb mitts and hat: arm warmers and hat worked in two-color Tunisian crochet
  • Two-tone scarf: a modified feather-and-fan-like pattern with simple blocks of color
  • Oak tree filet chart and purse: small-pixel-count filet lace pattern in the shape of an oak tree

Knit Patterns

Blackbird shawl

Blackbird shawl

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