Pattern: Crowns edging


Today’s pattern:

  1. Ring 6ds, join to another motif, 2ds, picot A, 4ds
  2. Chain 4ds
  3. Ring 4ds, join A, 10ds, picot B, 4ds
  4. Chain 4ds
  5. Ring 4ds, join B, 16ds, picot C, 4ds
  6. Chain 4ds
  7. Ring 4ds, join C, 10ds, picot D, 4ds
  8. Chain 4ds
  9. Ring 4ds, join D, 2ds, picot for another motif, 6ds
  10. Spiral chain: 5 single stitches of the same type, moving the thread 180 degrees around the needle
  11. Repeat from step 1

The motifs, as shown in the picture, join each to the one made not immediately beforehand, but the one before that, and the work weaves from side to side. For the spiral chain, if you make all first-half single stitches in one chain, then all second-half single stitches in the next, and alternate that way, it will look more symmetrical.

If you’d prefer not to do spiral chains for whatever reason, replace step 10 with a chain 2ds and a shoelace trick, and it should work fine.

I think the pattern makes the most sense in the order given, but I always actually start from step 9, effectively—making one ring to anchor the second full motif as I work on it. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

100_0950This is one I’ve been thinking about for a while—one of my favorite patterns, which I shan’t post because I don’t own the intellectual property, looks like the pieces in the photo at right. I’ve made lots and lots of it over the last year, and I usually make a repeat or two just to relax and get in the zone when sitting down to design something. While I love it, though, it has some drawbacks—floating threads between the rings make the pattern difficult to make consistent, and the progression of ring sizes isn’t quite an arithmetic progression, which sets off my perfectionist neuroses. So, in designing my piece, I replaced the loose threads with chains and changed the sizes of the rings a bit, making the rings more different from each other while I was at it.

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