Pattern: Garden path edging


Garden path edging; note that the right-hand side of this image is me still drafting the pattern, so pay more attention to the left.

Today’s pattern is something I’ve been playing with with clover-leaf motifs, turned on their sides and sort of meandering along. There’s a wrong-side join and a short spiral chain, but other than that it uses completely standard techniques.


Detail of edging


  1. Ring 6ds, join E of previous motif, 9ds, picot A, 3ds
  2. Optional: chain 2ds; otherwise just leave a short space in the thread before the next ring
  3. Ring 3ds, join A, 6ds, picot B, 6ds, picot C, 3ds
  4. Optional: chain 2ds or leave a short space
  5. Ring 3ds, join C, 6ds, picot D, 9ds
  6. Chain 3ds, join B of previous motif (two joins in one picot), 12ds
  7. Pass needle through picot D to make a wrong-side join
  8. Chain 9ds, picot E, 2ds, 4 single stitches of the same type to spiral halfway around the needle, 2ds, join B of current motif, 3ds
  9. Repeat from step 1

If you don’t like or don’t feel like looking up spiral chains, feel free to replace step 8 with chain 9ds, picot A, 3ds; shoelace trick, chain 3ds, join B, 3ds.

Steps 2 and 4 are optional; it is traditional to make cloverleafs without intervening chains, and this is basically a cloverleaf, but I find they lay flatter if I leave a little bit of space between the rings. Given that, adding a short chain helps me regulate that length. Your mileage may vary.

Garden path edging scrap with decorative picots

Garden path edging scrap with decorative picots

Variant with sew-down or decorative picots: this pattern doesn’t really lend itself to simple addition of picots along the top edge for sewing down. I think the best way to do this is to add picots at regular intervals along the long chains on both sides of the edging. So, replace steps 6-8 with: Chain 3ds, join B, 3ds, picot, 3ds, picot, 3ds, picot, 3ds; wrong-side join D; chain starting with a picot over the join, 3ds, picot, 3ds, picot, 3ds, picot E, 2ds, 4ss, 2ds, join B, 3ds. It’s the exact same stitch count, of course, but with more picots. See photo at right for a very short scrap following this pattern.

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