Journal: 21 February 2014

100_0648 (1024x768)

Cut fabric for patchwork blouse

Since my last journal post, I have:

  1. 100_0645 (824x1024)Cut fabric for the paisley shirt I mentioned in my last post, and done almost all of the sewing (so…close….), which I will probably finish later today. Only the right sleeve still needs to be elasticized and attached. This is Simplicity pattern 3750, which I just adore and have made four of so far. It’s a little young for me these days, and rather low-cut in front, and involves a lot of ruffles and setting elastic, but in my opinion it’s worth it.
  2. Cut fabric for the other pattern I was considering using for the paisley shirt, in patchwork shades of brown (photo at top of post). It’s half-and-half quarter flats from my stash and scraps from earlier projects, so my thrifty side is moderately pleased with me.
  3. 100_0658 (1024x768)Been to the store, bought some lovely fabrics for more shirts as well as canvas for tote bags, some yarn, and some beads. So much for my thrifty side. The red and blue fabric (photo ->) are both going to become blouses of some sort, not sure what the purple will be, other than somewhere in the shirt spectrum.
  4. Started on a new pair of slippers with the yarn (see below).
  5. Made one tote bag and started the other, before getting frustrated with my sewing machine and taking a break.

Around Christmas time, I developed a pattern for some cozy crochet slippers, which if you are on ravelry can be found here; otherwise, Tunisian-sole granny_slippers is a PDF. Here are some pictures of the original pair, in a variegated acrylic that my grandmother purchased in her youth and then never used; she gave it to me last Christmas, so I made a pair of slippers for her on the same pattern (for various reasons, I made three pairs out of that yarn–one for me, one for my mom, and one for the same grandmother).

onfeet_4 (897x1024)both_1 (1024x768)

They are loafer-style slippers, with the top being a granny square (so almost infinitely customizable) and the sole being worked in Tunisian crochet, which gives a wonderfully soft, thick, durable fabric that curls naturally to hug the foot. While I was writing up the pattern for ravelry, and to take a break from dealing with my relations over the holiday, I spent some extra time coming up with additional options for granny squares. The last one I thought of uses crochet cable stitches–long stitches worked in the front post of the previous row–in a spiral pattern, and although I am assured it is not astronomically accurate I think it resembles a galaxy. So I got some dark blue yarn, got out the metallic gold thread I have kicking around, and worked them together for the tops of a new pair of slippers.

100_0670 (1024x768) 100_0671 (1024x768)

Actually, the thread is only worked together for the posts of the cables–the hdc that make up the background are worked in the yarn alone, and the thread is carried along in the top loop only. The thread is tied off at the end of the granny square and the soles are in yarn only. The top slippers’ tops spiral in opposite directions. The yarn is coming through bluer in the photos than it does in real life–in person it is the kind of dark, dusky blue of a summer evening: the indigo colorway of sugar’n’cream cotton, for the curious. It’s not quite as dark as I would’ve liked, but that’s okay.

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