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2 thoughts on “Tutorial Index

  1. Sarah

    Hi–The fractal tatting pattern was the topic of one of Georgia Seitz’ classes a couple of weeks ago. The expansion of this pattern into the “N” part of the triangle is eluding me. My spatial visioning is weak. The class helped me get the direction of the first small triangle, what you are labeling as “S,M,L,etc..,” but I cannot follow the path for the expansion into the larger triangle. Could you offer any suggestions or assistance? This is an awesome pattern for its visual simplicity coupled with the complexity of the path through the tatting. Thanks!


    1. seesawyer Post author

      I assume this is regarding https://seesawyer.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/fractal-tatting-1/ : news to me that someone is using this material for classes, but okay! Each expansion simply repeats what went before, with a little bit of fiddling (the L and S connection units) because lace does not quite produce geometrically ideal points and lines. Whenever your work makes a complete 45-45-90 triangle, you want to mirror along a short side. This requires either an S or L unit, depending where you are – the other one will push you towards the long side, making a square rather than a bigger triangle. Once you’ve made the connector, repeat everything you did before the connector, and you will get a 45-45-90 triangle that is twice as big.

      It’s been a couple years and I don’t super love the notation I used in this entry, but the idea is that every time you encounter the N symbol in the sequence, what you do is MSMLMSM, the elemental sequence of the three pieces as shown in the small triangle diagram. It is just a notational shorthand, like “repeat lines 4-12”. Once you’ve done MSMLMSM, you’ve finished one N unit, so you come back and look at the bigger sequence; the next thing to do is an S unit, and then another N, aka MSMLMSM. Each notation level quadruples the size of the triangle, rather than doubling, so that I could explicitly note whether an S or L connector is next.

      Hope that helps! Glad you like the pattern!



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