Pattern: Atlantis edging


Atlantis edging

Today I have a simple pattern for you that I worked out yesterday. I have some bright blue thread (size 10 cotton) and wanted to make an edging that was mostly chains and did the kind of waving back-and-forth you see in Greek tile mosaics. Not sure how well I did on the imitation front, but I rather like the result, shown above, regardless. It also worked out to have a heart-like motif, which was not intentional but may be useful.


  1. Ring 6ds, join C of previous motif, 3ds, picot A, 6ds
  2. Chain 12ds, picot B, 3ds, picot C, 3ds
  3. Shoelace trick or change shuttles
  4. Chain 3ds, join A, 3ds, join B of previous motif, 12ds
  5. Repeat from step 1

If you want decorative picots or picots along the top and bottom for sewing through, replace all 12ds’s with 6ds-picot-6ds or 4ds-picot-4ds-picot-4ds, or whatever density of picots pleases you best. Since this edging is flat, it would also raster well—make one strip, with 6ds-picot-6ds instead of 12ds, and then make another strip with 6ds-join-6ds to connect the two; I suspect going from a ring to shoelace, chain 8ds, shoelace, back to a ring and starting the pattern fresh would work to raster without cutting the thread.

This pattern was worked out on size 10 thread with a #5 needle, and I pull all my tatting rather tight, so if you are using significantly different materials or technique you may need to modify the pattern.

atlantis_draftingLastly, because I think it’s interesting, here’s a picture of the full piece, which shows my drafting process. I started on the left-hand side, where it’s all lumpy and distorted, and gradually improved over the first half-dozen motifs, then the rest is in the finished pattern. This one came together really quickly, because it’s so simple.

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