Pattern: Butterflies edging

Butterflies or possibly weird flower edging

Butterflies or possibly weird flower edging

I’ve got another pattern with a meandering backbone and weirdlyshaped rings today; it’s meant to look like butterflies but depending on the color combination may just look like weird flowers. It’s not quite flat, which adds to the butterfly-like effect, but I can’t get a good picture showing that. Without further ado:

  1. Ring 4ds, 4 single stitches of the same type spiraling halfway around the needle, 4ds, 4 single stitches of the other type spiraling back, 20ds, picot A, 8ds.
  2. Ring 8ds, join A (there is no shame in using a little crochet hook here; this join is a bit tricky to make), 12ds, picot B, 4ds, picot C, 4ds, 4 single stitches spiraling, 4ds, 4 single stitches spiraling back, 4ds.
  3. Insert the tip of your needle into joined picot A and tug it outwards a bit to draw the two rings together and make the butterfly’s head.
  4. Chain 4ds, join B of previous motif, 20ds.
  5. Pass needle through picot C and shoelace trick to swap the positions of the needle and ball threads.
  6. Repeat from step 1.

butterflies_detailFor the spiraling stitches, I recommend using first-half single stitches, then second-half single stitches on both rings of one motif, then second-half followed by first-half on both rings of the second motif, and so on switching back and forth; this puts all the bumps where the knots wrap around the thread to be on the same side of the lace. The photo at right is a close-up of the side without any bumps on it; the photo below is of a different piece, but was made the same way and shows the bumpy side.


Unfinished (the chains are too long) butterfly pattern in blue variegated thread

I was playing with color a fair bit in making the photo piece, but I did some development of the pattern in a single color of thread (although variegated), so I wanted to share a photo of that as well. The colors you choose make a huge difference to this piece, in my opinion. I’m happiest with bright colors on the rings and pale on the chains, making the butterflies pop more, although the single-color one also has its charm.

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