Quick pattern: Subway trim

A narrow trim that looks sort of like subway cars, to me

A narrow trim that looks sort of like subway cars, to me

One of the ladies at my local needlepoint group decided to give away part of her stash recently, so I’ve got a bonus spool of size 20 crochet cotton to play with! I’ve been doing a bunch of practicing—I’m nearly to the point that I’m willing to work with Cluny leaves, figured out how to make nested rings, found a tutorial and made some progressive (split) rings, and have come to a better understanding of Josephine knots. More on those, perhaps, later. In the meantime, I’ve designed a simple, narrow edging/trim strip, shown above. Here’s a pattern:

  1. Ring 9ds, picot A, 9ds
  2. Chain 4ds, join to previous motif, 16ds (or 6ds, picot, 6ds, picot, 4ds if you want picots along the top edge to sew through)
  3. Ring 6ds, join A, 6ds, picot B, 6ds
  4. Chain 16ds, picot for next motif, 4ds (or, replace 16ds by 4ds, picot, 6ds, picot, 6ds)
  5. Ring 9ds, join B, 9ds
  6. Shoelace trick: tie a single overhand knot to switch the locations of your ball and needle threads
  7. Chain 6ds
  8. Shoelace trick again and repeat from step 1

Here’s a closeup photo of the piece shown above and a photo of a piece with the optional picots:

subway_close (1024x768) subway_sewable

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