Journal: 24 March 2014

Since my last post, I was laid out with a bad cold for most of a week, and got back involved with an MMO game that is a bit of a timesuck. All the same, I finished two sewing projects and made some progress on my knitting.

100_0939 (871x1024)First completion is the red version of Simplicity 1462. It’s an extraordinarily bright red in person, more than the picture does justice to. I added a strip of ribbon to the neck in an ivory shade that matches the flowers well, but I’m not sure how happy I am with the overall effect. Like the patchwork predecessor, I omitted the zipper on this one; both shirts work just fine as pullovers and aren’t baggy or anything. I like the shirt overall all right, but it’s nothing to write home about. I may at a later date take the ribbon off and replace it with some lace.

100_0969 (834x1024)Second completion is Simplicity 2583 in a dark cornflower blue jersey knit. I am pretty pleased with how the shirt came out; on an aesthetic level it is not too unflattering, and on a technical level I am proud of the stitching, especially around the keyhole and the complete lack of visible stitches on the band. 100_0972 (768x1024)The pattern works quite well in knit, omitting the zipper, but the sleeves in particular ended up suffering a bit from the thicker fabric—there is a pleat at the shoulder that results in sewing through at least 6 layers of fabric for a while, 8 layers since I rolled all my seams. The effect of the sleeve pleat is pretty nice, though, as it opens right at the shoulder seam (see right-hand photo), giving a nice continuity of lines.

I’ve also made enough progress on the shawl that I have been working on that it is worth posting some more pictures:

100_0974 (1024x768)100_0981 (1024x768)

It’s reached 24 panels (one red stripe per panel) of an expected 33, so more than 2/3 done. Once it is done I will post a pattern. This one will definitely need blocking, so I will be learning how to do that soon.

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