Hello, internet

Hello, internet.

I find myself adding one more voice to the vast cacophony, and wish to explain why. Making a blog feels like an exercise in vanity, so I may as well admit that I am rather vain; this blog will, in addition to helping me keep track of my projects, let me brag about them. I do have a more altruistic purpose as well, however: I have accumulated, in bits and pieces, a great deal of crafting knowledge over the years, and I hope to pass on what I have learned and figured out. In that spirit, I intend to post a number of tutorials, and will do my best to oblige requests for additional tutorials on any techniques I seem to know.

The subject of this blog will be crafting, primarily sewing, crochet, knit, and lace making; some carpentry and cooking may be thrown in as well. I plan to have a mix of journal entries where I talk (and brag) about current projects, and pattern and tutorial entries where I give instructions, tips and guidelines for your own projects.

Sewing: I have been sewing since I was knee-high on a small-thing-of-your-choice, and I make a significant fraction of my own clothing, mostly working from commercially available patterns. I have some drafting/pattern making/improvising chops as well, but not as much as I would like. Mostly I sew by hand, but I have a regular sewing machine and a serger as well that I occasionally use.

Crochet and knit: I have been crocheting for a long while, and knitting for just a few years. Lately I have been into filet crochet (a lace technique good for pixelized images), Tunisian crochet (a sort of crochet-knit hybrid in effect, although not in origin), and learning the basics of knit lace, colorwork and construction. Folks on ravelry can find me here.

Lace: I do a lot of a lace technique called tatting, specifically needle tatting. My focus is generally apparel so I do tatted edgings and flat blocks for purses/shawls/scarves, rather than doilies and whatnot. I have only been tatting for a couple years, so I am not much of an expert, but I will probably post a lot of patterns because there just aren’t a lot of non-doily patterns out there, and drafting new patterns takes significant time and effort.

Miscellany: I have done some needlepoint, and wrote a reasonably functional matlab program to convert arbitrary photos to needlepoint patterns. I have done a little Teneriffe lace. I do macrame (friendship bracelet technique) on occasion, mostly to make straps for sewing projects. I have a math/science/engineering background in real life, so things may get dorky and/or technical from time to time. I have very little photography experience and none in blogging, so I apologize in advance for missteps in these areas.

Next post: less pomposity, more photos.

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