First journal post

At the moment, I have two projects on needles, a few in planning stages, and a couple recent completions. On needles, I am a) working out suitable tatting patterns to make large-scale flat pieces, and b) chugging away on a knit-lace shawl.

blackbird_midfeb (1024x768)

Current progress on a knit shawl

The knit shawl is purely to accustom myself to lace, short rows and colorwork. The aesthetic design is based on a redwing blackbird’s wing, small dramatic patches of red in a dark expanse. It’s my own pattern, worked sideways in sections; each section is a trapezoid made with short rows, some of which short rows are done in red. A simple lace motif runs throughout and I’m using way oversized needles so the result is fairly airy.

two_triangle (1024x928)

Two tatting samples that tile flat

The tatting project is an ongoing interest, since once you have a motif that fulfills a few basic requirements, you can do such a wide range of things with it. Requirements: the motif must be flat; the motif must be a tiling shape such as a square, rectangle, or triangle; the motif must be worked in such a way that the thread leaves on the opposite corner from where it entered. Once you meet these requirements, you can do “fractal tatting” or “crystalline tatting”, building up large structures out of small repeat units. I’ll talk more about this in a later pattern/tutorial post.

In planning, I have a couple of sewing projects and an extension of the tatting. I recently found a decent pattern for slacks, and am dialing in on the tailoring details before using expensive fabric to make suit pants. I also recently picked up some lovely paisley quilting cotton with which I am planning to make some form of shirt. In tatting, I have some fairly nebulous plans to make a shawl for my trousseau–I picked up some white thread a while ago, and found/modified a 45-45-90 triangle pattern with beading that I think would be beautiful as a shawl.paisley (1024x768)trousseau_1 (1024x768)

In recent completions, I have a somewhat frumpy jacket/overshirt, my first-ever pair of knit socks, and (carpentry!) a laundry-folding/storage desk built out of 2x3s and purchased shelves.
ikat_2 (924x1024)socks (1024x768)  desk_4 (625x1024) desk_2 (708x1024)

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